Ag Deferred Payment Contracts

Offered through Opportunity Financial Services 

(*a business affiliate of Opportunity Bank of Montana) 


Maximize your profits and manage your tax liability

Deferred payment contracts allow you to defer income for commodities sold into a future tax year, helping you manage each year's taxable income.

In the rapidly changing world of agriculture, nothing is more valuable than certainty. Don't let market volatility keep you up at night. Manage your cash flow and safeguard your hard work against unforeseen price drops. Our deferred payment option lets you decide your ideal payment schedule, making sure your profits align with your financial planning. Selling your commodity in advance guarantees a fixed price, providing a safety net in an ever-fluctuating market.

  • Delivery at the time you choose
  • Select your payment date
  • No fees or costs to enter into a contract
  • Opportunity Financial Services (*a business affiliate of Opportunity Bank of Montana) puts your money to work for you by offering a competitive rate of return on contracts longer than 90 days

Opportunity Financial Services (*a business affiliate of Opportunity Bank of Montana) is located at Opportunity Bank of Montana. Contact one of our Ag lenders to learn more.


Sellers are advised to consult an attorney or tax accountant to discuss the effect of deferred payment contracts on their state and federal income tax liability.

*Deferred payment contracts offered through Opportunity Financial Services, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Eagle Bancorp Montana, and an affiliate of Opportunity Bank of Montana. Deferral not offered on capital sales. Deferred payment contracts are not a deposit, not insured by any Federal Government Agency, not FDIC insured, not Bank guaranteed, and may lose value.

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